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As billionaires prep for the apocalyptic "Event," what happens to everyone else?

Salon talks to Rob Sheridan about "High Level," his DC comic about income inequality and the post-apocalypse

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EXCLUSIVE extended DC Vertigo Preview: High Level #2. Tasked with smuggling the savior of humanity through thousands of miles of religious cults, mutant tribes, war zones, sunken cities, and cybernetic mafias, the woman known only as Thirteen does what any sane person would: try to get out of doing it. 

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DC ROUND-UP: HIGH LEVEL #4 is the best trip through post-modern hell. It sounds crass to say, but societal ills have never been so fun to explore as they are in DC Vertigo’s High Level. Like the three issues that came before it, High Level #4 is well-executed, imaginative, and nigh-impossible to predict.

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INDIE COMICS SPOTLIGHT: ROB SHERIDAN'S CYBERPUNK HIGH LEVEL IS A WARNING TO US ALL. It's executed with cinematic precision and that aspires to the greatness of Sandman, Vertigo's most acclaimed series.

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REVIEW: High Level #4

“I’m failing.  I fucking hate failing.”

The unknown can be difficult.  Thirteen

has known her small world her entire life, and now she’s thrust into new locations with new people and new conflicts.  Now add a the responsibility of keeping a young girls safe, and all of the sudden, Thirteen has her hands full.

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HIGH LEVEL #1 REVIEW : Hard-nosed hero fights in a dog-eat-cyberdog world.

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5 comics to read this March: Myths from the past and the future: In its first issue, this new DC/Vertigo comic introduced its own version of the concept, where the titular High Level is a sky citadel and everyone living on the ground below disagrees about what it’s actually like.

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AN INTERVIEW WITH ROB SHERIDAN: "We’re standing right now on the precipice of a massive ecological apocalypse that we don’t seem to be turning away from. I want to look at how that plays out when you factor in how differently society is weighted right now between the haves and the have-nots."

high level comic cover sm.jpg


Cyberpunk Paradise: “High Level” #1 Review: In the tradition of 80’s/90’s era cyberpunk fiction and cinema comes High Level, an original creation by digital artist and former art director for Nine Inch Nails, Rob Sheridan. Exploding from the page with a distinct and bold visual style of Barnaby Bagenda (Green Lanterns, Suicide Squad), the first issue unveils a world torn between the “haves and have-nots” 

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